How it works

  • Tomnod


    Join the Tomnod team as you view the planet and mark what you see.

  • Tomnod


    Others on the team mark the same images -- you get nods when they agree with you.

  • Tomnod


    In places where the team agrees, we find the strongest marks.

You should know...

  • checkmark

    It's okay if you mark something by accident

    Marks need nods from many people in order to grow strong.

  • magnifying glass

    Strategy for searching

    We’re trying to cover a lot of ground and there might not always be something to mark. Keep moving and mark anything interesting that you see. It’s very possible there’s a discovery right around the corner! The team as a whole will determine the strongest marks.

  • Clipboard designed by Ricardo Mira da Silva from The Noun Project

    We'll train you

    It’s okay if you’ve never looked at satellite images! Before starting any search, we’ll tell you everything you need to know - background information, what to look for, tips, etc.

  • group

    The more people participate, the better!

    The power of Tomnod is in the team. So go out and tell your friends about it! Together, we can rule the world!